What Does Thread Count Mean When You are Buying Bed Sheets?

by admin on December 16, 2011

Thread count is the magic number while shopping for bed sheets. Thread count is going to help to determine the quality of the sheets that are being purchased – and can even influence the cost of the sheets.

What is the thread count number seen on the packages of sheets? Thread count on the packages of sheets refers to the number of woven threads that are found in the sheets per square inch. The higher the number of threads in the sheets, the higher the quality of the sheets and the higher the thread count. This ‘magic number’ of thread count will also influence the price of the sheets, with the higher thread count of the sheets the higher the price of the set.

There are two numbers that are important when considering the thread count of a set of sheets, the horizontal count of the threads woven per square inch, the weft; and warp, the vertical threads that are woven in the sheet per square inch. The two numbers are combined to obtain the overall thread count of the sheets.
What is the price range of various thread count bed sheets?

  • 180-320 Thread count ($20-40)
  • 400-600 Thread count ($40-100)
  • 600+ Thread count ($100+)

Learning about the thread counts and exactly what constitutes quality sheets will help the customer to make an informed decision, and choose quality sheets that are going to have to be replaced less often and create a more serene sleeping experience.

Thread count measures can be found through the packaging of the sheets in-store. Bed sheets that are purchased online have information available throughout the description of the sheets. Customers should ensure that the reviews are considered before buying sheets online, and ensure that the bed sheets are being purchased from a reputable online seller to ensure that the thread count that is portrayed in the description is the actual thread count that is going to be experienced when the sheets arrive in the mail.

While shopping, there are some tips that customers can use to ensure that they are getting high quality sheets. Higher thread count sheets will appear and feel smoother than their lower end counterparts with lower thread counts. Higher thread count sheets from high quality brands will also be singed or treated to remove any fuzz and create a highly tactile experience while touching the sheets, helping customers to identify high end sheets in the retail store.

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